For a business to sell solar jobs, solar business owners need leads to get a solar job. What is the best way of doing this? Some say that you can buy solar panel leads, while others suggest doing your solar marketing.

In today’s market, if you are in the solar panel business, then you are already aware that it is not easy to close a deal with a potential client. Most people find that investing in solar power is expensive so they end up not wanting to do it at all.

This is something that solar businesses want to overcome. This posed a big challenge to the sales and marketing department.  Back in the days, it was easier to convince people to go solar because the whole technology is still new. But today, the solar installation costs and the quality are deterrent to making a sale.  While people are aware that solar technology is a good investment, getting them to close a sale is another thing.

This is why having a good solar lead can turn things around for you and your business.

There are a lot of solar leads for sale and you can carefully choose from these. There are several advantages to buying solar sales leads such as the following.

How to tell a good solar lead

Solar leads are good if they meet the following criteria.

High-quality traffic

The lead must come from a quality source. That is the only way to make sure you are getting quality leads.

Serious intent

The lead’s intent should be aimed at convincing someone that buying solar leads is the best solution.

Why you should get leads


Reliable solar leads can help you get potential customers

that increases your sales. Some leads are not good so be careful and choose only the companies that are tried and tested.

Making sales

Lead generation companies know more about what they are doing. You can do your lead generation but why not leave it to the experts?

Lead screening

Good lead generation companies use modern marketing and technology to ensure that what you get works for you.


Buying solar panel leads does not have to be expensive. A good company can work with the budget that you have.

Save resources

Doing your lead generation can be challenging if you are not an expert on it. You have to spend so much time learning about it and doing test runs. But when you have a reliable agency that you can deal with, then you can save a lot of time.

There are also other organic and simple ways to generate leads such as customer referrals. However, this is not an effective way to generate sales because others are not as interested in writing online reviews.

Having a company website can also help a lot in promoting your services.

Solar Exclusive can provide you with quality and reliable solar leads for your business. They have improved techniques that can help your business generate more revenue.